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What's coaching all about?

Updated: Mar 20

What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

I am regularly asked what my health and wellness coaching is all about. The short explanation is that I talk one-on-one with individuals who want to make lifestyle changes that will improve their health and well-being.  Making lasting lifestyle change is tough – but I believe when you break it down into simple steps, it isn’t so daunting. I help break it down then I help my clients stay on track.

Holistic Wellness

I believe in the holistic view of health, and I use the idea of the holistic “Wellness Wheel” to help my clients figure out where to spend their energy. The wellness wheel suggests that our health is a combination of many factors including physical, psychological, social, environmental, intellectual, spiritual, career/financial and - my personal favorite - FUN!  Each area of our wellness wheel usually affects other areas. For example, for me personally if I don’t get enough sleep (physical health) I usually feel irritable (psychological health) and can’t think clearly (intellectual health). 

Although most people engage my services because they are concerned about their physical health (Is my blood pressure okay? Am I overweight? Do I exercise enough?), I have found that other areas of their lives are also in need of attention.  

The Goal of Wellness

My goal as a Health and Wellness Coach is to improve the overall quality of my clients’ lives. Sometimes this means being supportive as they set goals to directly improve physical health, but more often it means listening and brainstorming about other areas of their lives that affect their health too.  

Health and Wellness Coaches use positive psychology to support individuals in setting and reaching goals. We honor that each client is the expert of their life. We listen intently, ask thoughtful questions, and help each client have moments of self-revelation. We may also nudge and provide accountability for reaching goals, but it is a collaborative experience.

To sum it up, I help people make health changes. Through collaborative dialogue and positive psychology, I help my clients figure out what will work, set goals and help keep them on track. And we do it one simple step at a time!

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